Connie + Patrick's South Shore, Maui Elopement Photography

Connie and Patrick are a lovely couple that live in San Francisco, and they decided to elope on Maui. This couple and their elopement stand out to me as being incredibly elegant. Connie’s dress was STUNNING, and Patrick was dressed quite dapper. More important than their wedding clothes, however, Connie and Patrick clearly share a deep love for each other, and their excitement for their future together shines through in these images.

This ceremony took place at Makena Cove (aka Secret’s Beach, aka Paako Cove). During the summer months, Maui sometimes has swells that cause large waves on the South Shore. Makena Cove is quite a small beach, although its beauty is apparent in its popularity for weddings. During Connie and Patrick’s elopement, there was little beach left due to the swell and high tide. We were able to find a spot among the lava rocks for the ceremony, and then we moved to a nearby beach for the portrait session following the ceremony.

Ho'omaika'i 'ana (Congratulations), Connie and Patrick! It was a pleasure to be your Maui elopement photographer! I hope that you enjoyed the remainder of your stay on Maui. Aloha!

Location: Makena Cove, Maui

Elopement Planning: Simply Eloped

Officiant: Kuya (Robert) Alamodin

Hair & Makeup: Love and Beauty Maui

Photographer: Kathryn Haldiman