On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, I met the M Family on the South Shore of Maui for their family portrait session. The family’s Maui vacation took place over the 4th of July holiday, and as you can see, Mrs. M did a fantastic job of coordinating the family’s outfits to reflect both a patriotic and Hawaiian theme. Mrs. M’s long, red dress showed a lot of movement when photographed, which I love!

The M Family includes four boys ranging in age from one to ten years-old. As with all of my family portrait sessions, I prepared the parents by assuring them that they would not have to be stressed about the behavior of their children or if the children felt like being photographed or not. I prefer to allow kids to be themselves and capture the moments as they happen. I encourage a lot of play and interaction in family sessions. During this session, the family played Ring Around the Rosie, waded in the water, and played on the beach. I had such a great time as their Maui family photographer, and I hope to see the family again on their next Maui vacation!

Location: Po’olenalena Beach, Maui

Time of Day: Sunset

Photographer: Kathryn Haldiman